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Kids Playroom Design Ideas

Kids playroom can function as a study room and bedroom or it can be a separate area for kids to play and develop in. It can be equipped with exercise tools and creative supplies to promote various kinds of education besides being a place for games.

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Kids need space to play and move around so a playroom is a great solution for the house. It doesn’t always have to be a specialty room as it can also function as kids bedroom and study room. The plus side of a separate playroom is that there’s more space for games and toys but the single multifunctional room will also work if divided into zones.

Kids Playroom Design Ideas

Playing Zone

A zone for games can be easily marked with a bright color scheme or a certain theme that would indicate the purpose of the zone. It can also be marked by a room divider like a cabinet or a bookcase that will serve for study purposes and storage.

A playing zone should be spacious enough but can also feature some special equipment for entertainment and development. Toys and games should have their own storage space in order to keep the room more open and less cluttered when they’re not in use.

Sleeping Zone

Place a bed at a low-traffic area of the room. The tent-like or canopy bed can mark the area as a “sleeping zone”. Thus the bed won’t be a focal point of the room and also won’t interfere with the playing zone.

Study Area

Study area can be marked with a small writing desk. Completed with some bookshelves or a bookcase for storing books and study supplies the study area can be placed neat the bed where the traffic is lower. The rest of the room can be used for moving and playing.

Storage System & Organizers

To keep all the zones clean and tidy it’s important to have an effective organizer for both clothes and toys. Books and study supplies should also have some space in order not to get mixed up with toys.

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