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eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

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Annually we cover eVolo Skyscraper Competition discussing the winners’ projects as well as honorable mentions. This year there are traditionally three winners and twenty four honorable mentions. Here are the three winners of the competition and some of our favorite honorable mentions.

2013 Skyscraper Competition Winners

eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

The Light Park

The Light Park designed by Ting Xu and Yiming Chen was conceived as a place for recreation and greenery. Consisting of a giant helium-filled balloon the skyscraper is supposed to float in the air. Consisting of a number of platforms the structure is supposed to accomodation parks, green houses, restaurants, and even sports fields.

The structure is powered by the solar panels and is equipped by water collectors. The eco-conscious skyscraper also cleans the air around it thanks to the greenery incorporated into it. The project took the third place.

Phobia Skyscraper

eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

The second place winner, Phobia Skyscraper by Darius Maïkoff and Elodie Godo is a complex tower structure that is made of multiple prefabricated units that are grouped around the green spaces. The tower is equipped with solar panels and water collectors as well as displays that inform the residents on community issues and structure occupancy rates.

Utilizing the recycling materials the structure itself is designed to be used and reused as well as evolve together with the community.

Polar Umbrella

eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

The first-prize winner is Derek Pirozzi with a project called Polar Umbrella, a structure that was designed to protect the ice caps while collecting the sun energy and accomodating various research facilities, tourist attractions and housing units.

The umbrella pumps water via its plumbing system and thanks to special chambers it helps to regenerate ice caps by freezing salt water.

Honorable Mentions:

VolcanElectric Mask

eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

One of the most impressive honorable mentions is VolcanElectric Mask designed by Zhanou Zhang, Jing Hao, Shuo Zhou, Xingyue Chen, and Jiangyue Han. It’s a construction that is designed to cover a volcano and collect tephra during eruption and as wellas heat to convert it into energy.

The structure is eqiupped with rainwater collectors and also shields to keep lava from spilling into nearby towns.

Urban Earth Worm Skyscraper

eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

Inspired by an earth worm shape this skyscraper design is aimed at fighting pollution by cleaning the air and promoting the life of ecosystems. Using various life byproducts the skyscraper produces energy and provides greenery that grow in a skyscraper.

Designed by Lee Seungsoo the building is arched above the city featuring a power station at the base and growing tubes at the top.

PH Conditioner

eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

PH Conditioner shaped as jellyfish is a project by Hao Tian, Shi Jianwei, and Huang Haiyang. Because the fossil fuels lower the PH of the atmosphere all the living organisms and the earth surface are suffering.

The PH Conditioner is designed to clean the air and also turn the pollutants into resources like water and chemical fertilizer. Located up high above the urban environment the conditioner would absorb the pollutants and purify them as well as extract nutrients for the greenery incorporated into its design.

Crater Scraper

eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

The Crater Scraper is a great settlement created in a rounded shape with perforations that allow residents enjoy the natural light. Inspired by the marks left on the Earth’s surface from asteroids the Crater Scraper is an imagined use of an asteroid crater as settlement.

Equipped with elevators the Crater Scraper allows residents travel from one area to another as well as the central core.

Zero Skyscraper

eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

Zero Skyscraper is a building created for the worst-case scenario – apocalypse, which could mean a natural disaster. It is made to support life and help people survive as well as store all the vital data in a special data vault.

Scattered around the world Zero buildings would all share same data to help protect it even if one of them is lost, destroyed.


eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

Skinscape is an interesting project by Woongyeun Park, Haejun Jung, Jaegeun Lim, and Karam Kim. Inspired by nature that evolves over time changing not only in itself but also influencing the surroundings like architecture, the Skincape features additional elements that connects the original building to other skyscrapers.

Thus the buildings just like trees and other greenery “grow” over other ones creating a one organism that surely looks more alive than inanimate.

Project Nomad

eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

Last, but not least is The Project Nomad that was designed by Joaquin Rodriguez Nuñez, Antonio Ares Sainz, and Konstantino Tousidonis Rial to terraform Mars. Due to overpopulation of the Earth the possibility of creating life on Mars is being explored by many and The Project Nomad offers one of the tools to help realize that.

The mobile factories pictured above help create carbon greenhouse gases that should eventually help transform the planet into livable environment.

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