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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Minimalist House

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Usually we imagine a house of a celebrity like this: a large area; interior, created with the help of an eminent designer; custom made furniture in a single copy. But the truth is, that in fact celebrities are the same people as those whose names are not published in the tabloids. And those celebrities, who have a taste, want their house to meet simple and intuitive requirements: to be beautiful, functional and comfortable.

Minimalist Country House of Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker's country house

Sarah Jessica Parker’s country house 

Do not be surprised, the house of Sarah Jessica Parker was decorated not by the world-famous designer, but by the proven friend of the actress. Before he played the role of a decorator, Eric Hughes worked at high position in the film industry.

Eric feared the prospect of becoming responsible for remodeling of the house built in 1865. But as the result, his fears were groundless: the interior for Parker became the pride of Hughes. The wooden house turned into a cozy and colorful haven for the actress, her husband and their children.

Bright accessories brought color; comfortable sofas armchairs, chairs and cushions on the floor made the interior comfortable and cozy. The main requirements to the house were simple: a lot of light, colors, and of course, comfort. Thanks to a generous use of white and light shades of other colors there is always light in the interior of the house.

Our advice: if you change cushions, vases, paintings and other decorative elements from time to time, then the interior that you have created will never make you get bored. In addition, old accessories will look new for you in two years.

In the dining area the presence of decorative elements is minimized. Sarah Jessica explains this design choice that the main decoration of the dining room is her guests.

Kitchen also attracts with red lockers and accessories. But the bright color is used mainly in the lower part of the kitchen set. That’s why your eyes do not get tired during cooking.

Bathroom again confirms that the designer has implemented his task perfectly. White walls and the use of soothing blue tones in the decor at the same time provide a lot of light and enough colors.

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