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Non-Standard Use of Concrete and Wood

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Concrete and wood exist almost in every modern interior. People use these materials in their usual boundaries. Concrete is used for walls, floor and ceiling. Wood is used for furniture, wall finishing, parquet flooring, etc. We found the projects in which these materials are used outside the box.

Non-Standard Use of Concrete and Wood in Home Interior Design

Villa in Ibiza by architect Bruno Reymond

Villa in Ibiza by architect Bruno Reymond


Being surrounded by concrete for most of us looks like living in a state of permanent repair. If the concrete is not treated, the house will always be in dust and dirt. But today this problem is easily solved: concrete is covered by varnishes that do not give it to crumble. So architects completely refuse using wallpaper and paint, leaving the concrete in its pure form on the floor, walls and ceiling.

Villa in Ibiza by architect Bruno Reymond

Architect Bruno Reymond went ahead and made a strong element of decor ​​of concrete. Podium for the bed smoothly transits into the concrete floor. And concrete does not add coldness to the room in this interior.

House in Malibu by architect John Lautner

In this example, concrete furniture looks chic on a concrete terrace. It seems that no other material would fit so perfectly into this rocky landscape. It is an ideal solution of the talented architect John Lautner.


Nothing else calls for a careful treatment so as wood. Architects and designers must understand its structure, properties; know the advantages and disadvantages of various breeds. Otherwise, all the beauty of wood pattern will be lost.

We must strive to ensure that the wood looked naturally in the room. This means that if it is selected as the main finishing material, the interiors must be built based on its color, texture and quality.

House in Glaskogen (Sweden) by architects Marche Lammers and Boris Zeysser

Wood in this interior is used almost everywhere. There are wooden floor, wooden walls and even wooden ceiling. And despite this, the house does not look like a village hut and there is no hint of country style. The house looks modern and even futuristic to some extent.

House in NY DC. Plywood floor painting was invented by Richard Woods

Architects and designers of this house came up with an interior joke. They ostentatiously painted plywood as planed board. This was made by ​​the English designer Richard Woods. The floor is wooden, but it looks completely new and unusual.

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