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Muffin Pouffe by Matteo Bianchi

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Mmm, this furniture item certainly looks delicious. Muffin Pouffe by Matteo Bianchi was presented at TENT London 2011. It is just one piece from Bianchi‘s premier collection and I’d like to believe it mimics a chocolate muffin since its cushion is made of deep brown leather. Muffin Pouffe is also believable. It looks like an actual oversized baked muffin like one of those things – the largest chocolate bar or something. But it’s a real pouffe and it’s even got a secret storage.

Muffin Pouffe by Matteo Bianchi

The base of the Muffin Pouffe is made of pleated wood to mimic the baking cup for muffins and cupcakes. When the muffin top is removed the base appears hollow allowing to store small things. The top is decorated with buttons and all aspects of design are called “ingredients”. These are, of course, customizable so the buyers can select from handcrafted wood bases, buttons and leathers that come in a variety of colors. So if you like other flavors in your muffins it is possible to make the ones you like.

Food-inspired furniture can be a real eye-catcher in a home decor. It can be really sweet-looking as this Muffin Pouffe, as well as it can be colorful, bright and creative. Muffin Pouffe comes in a Standard version with a fixed top and a Storage version for small spaces.

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