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Transforming Furniture Collection by Karoline Fesser

Modular furniture is a great solution for those who like making often changes to the decor. It's easy to rearrange and assemble or take apart to create a new look. The Woonling Collection by Karoline Fesser is furniture that transforms into various items with special attachable details.

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Designer Karoline Fesser has come up with a design concept of the transforming furniture that can be changed according to one’s needs. One moment it’s a chair, another moment it’s a stool or an ottoman. The chair can also be transformed into a sofa thanks to additional parts that are attached to the construction.

Transforming Furniture Collection by Karoline Fesser

The Woonling Collection is a furniture concept that explores changing living- and room situations. Just like living organisms the green algae inspired cushions can build various structures. T-squares, flat connectors and furniture feet can be plugged in the ports between each of the radial facets. First there is one cushion which can be used as an ottoman. By embedding feet it becomes a taboret. A set of two cushions results in an easy chair. This can be multiplied to a sofa which grows to a longer sofa, for a bigger family.

Woonling Collection looks cozy and creative, great modular furniture that can be moved, assembled and taken apart according to the mood, situation and home design.

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