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7 Unusual Ways to Use Curtains in Interior

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All we have learned that curtains are a textile product, which often closes the window, when the sun is shining too brightly. But today we will break stereotypes and see how and where you can still use the textile curtains. We offer 7 interesting ways to use curtains in interior design.

How to Use Curtains in Interior: 7 Tips

Curtains on the terrace

Curtains on the terrace

Curtains in the bathroom

We are talking about curtains, like draperies, not blinds for bathroom. Many are accustomed to using plastic curtains that will definitely protect against the introduction of large amounts of water on the floor. However, you can do this blind more elegant and sew a piece of fabric with polyethylene. As the result, you will get very elegant curtains. They will look fabulous, especially if you have a wooden floor in the bathroom.

Closet behind the curtain

In small rooms a very common solution became a curtain that protects your closet or cabinet from the rest of the space.

Zoning with curtains

To avoid spending a lot of money for the construction of unnecessary walls, you can hang a curtain between the area, where you relax with friends, and the area where there is a sleeper.

Curtains on the terrace

At this point, light curtains will carry a purely decorative function, adding a little “airing” to your terrace. Just imagine, how beautifully they will flap in the wind.

Curtains as a headboard

Another method of using curtains as a home decor is hanging them behind the bed as a headboard. Most often big wooden structures occupy too much space. Curtains will not take the space and embellish your bedroom.

Curtain instead of a door

Assume that you have too wide doorway or arch. And it is too expensive and difficult to find the right door. But you still need something to close the space. Hang the curtain to get rid of the problem of too open space.

Curtains as a canopy

Light tulle hanging over your bed will help you feel like in a fairy tale, especially if you add small bulbs.

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