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Futuristic Bench by Zaha Hadid

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World-known Iraqi-British architect, Zaha Hadid has designed a new astonishing futuristic furniture piece, which she entitled Serac Bench. The furniture piece is basically an indoor or outdoor seating option, with quite abstract lines.

Zaha Hadid Cerac Bench

Serac Bench for Lab 23

The new furniture piece by Zaha Hadid has been designed for an Italian manufacturing company Lab 23. The concept of the furniture is very eluding and futuristic, featuring very little details in its extravagant minimalistic form. The shape of the bench was inspired by the ice formations, which are created within the intersecting glacial crevasses. Obviously as well as the color of the piece.

The Serac bench is an urban landscape sculpture, designed for city dwellers to rest on it. Taking inspiration in the continuous movement of the mega-polis, where each layer of the bench has its own destination, the lines ultimately coalesce to form a furniture piece, so perfect that it  becomes a true art installation. elion. As described by Zaha Hadid design studio:

Zaha Hadid Cerac Bench

“The Serac Bench showcases the fluid, continuous nature of Zaha Hadid’s work – exploring relationships between solid and void, object and ground, form and function; an evolutionary lineage evident throughout her repertoire.”

The material of the Serac bench is resin quarts, that is tough and durable material, which when shaped becomes softer and fluid. The light play that is the major component of the structure is achieved through the crystal transparency and illumination.

That is not the first time, Zaha Hadid has been inspired by ice, as she has another piece in her ice-inspired furniture pieces. Her previous piece, that is entitled Glacial table – a translucent ice table, which looks stunning in any surrounding with its frozen water replica in motion.

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