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Ecstasy Dressing Table

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Ecstasy Dressing Table is a unique furniture piece, which was constructed by Italian designer, Christina Celestino. The furniture is an elegant piece, which is inspired by religious motives, yet stripped of its catholic nature.

Ecstasy Dressing Table

Elegant Dressing Table for Attico

Would you ever consider that this beautiful elegant dressing table was conceived from the religious inspiration? The Ecstasy dressing table by Celestino is inspired by eucharistic host, whic becomes apparent once you notice the minor details of the composition:

«The recurrence of eucharistic gesture becomes recurrence of the host, stripped of its religious value and used as texture or employed in oversize format adorned with digital print ».

This dressing table consists of h a basin and pitcher, set of circular mirrors and a pouff with alike wall. This composition can be reinterpreted on many levels, however none of them would seem religious.

Ecstasy Dressing Table

“The romantic dressing table has been purified, abstracted in volume and transformed into an “aesthetic altar”. The host’s form repeated on surfaces generates texture while digital prints use the discs as blank canvases. The intimate gesture becomes an intimate space for hedonistic enjoyment”.

The Ecstasy dressing table, which was designed specifically for Italian company Attico, is a part of the FOODMADE collection, which would be exhibited in Ventura Lambrate district, in Padiglione Italia, during Milan Design Week 2013. The exbition would showcase 17 creations which were inspired by food, not for foood. It is interesting to note, how broad the inspiration could go, if Celestino has chose the religious eucharistic host as food inspiration.

Ecstasy Dressing Table

« Food as raw material but also as a key element of the creative and productive process. An essential element of human life, fuel for the mind, body engine, irreplaceable raw material, completion of a basic need and again opportunity to conviviality, sharing, relationship, much of us and our sociability revolves around the FOOD. »

Christina Celestino, a young and aspiring designer, who graduated in 2005 from IUAV in Venice, where she was studying under surveyalance of architect Massimo Carmassi. After that, she started to work in his studio in Florence. Since 2009, she is working for Sawaya & Moroni design, which is a Milan – based architectural office.

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