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Gas Station New Orleans House

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This is an old gas station that was turned into a house for rent. It is a great place for events and crazy parties for young people. Especially the Gas Station house is beloved by men who feel the spirit of drive and youth. From the moment you enter into this house makes you unconsciously act like a rebel motorcycle driver.

Gas Station in New Orleans Turned Into House

The Gas Station New Orleans House

Interior of The First Floor

From the outside the house looks like an ordinary old abandoned gas station. It is located on the corner of two streets, unremarkable white building with a green roof. Even an old sign with the brand name of the station “Sinclair Gasoline” was left. But it is just a foreword to the place where every boy is dreaming to live.

Inside you meet with a totally different look of the modern interior full of details lovely to the boys’ heart. There are a few leftovers from the old gas station that are now used only as a decoration and add another point to brutality of the house. In the bedroom you can find a back side of the car stuck to the wall. It looks like this car soared above the bed and currently passes through the wall.

In the living room there is a statue of a red lion. Accompanied by the two huge old-style circus posters they are refreshing the childhood emotions of excitement and delight. Furniture here represents a mix of old style like wooden benches and modern style like a steel made kitchen set. There are also leather sofas and armchairs that emphasizes the manly interior. In the bathroom with a glossy black brick wall you can find shower gel and shampoos in motor oil styled cans. In addition there is a dining spot on the roof. What else do you need for a bachelor or graduation party?

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