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Beautiful Lolilla Chair by Ashsayane

Lolilla Chair is an amazing, romantic and simply beautiful piece of furniture that can decorate any room and add a splash of color and texture to the decor.

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Inspired by the Spanish flamenco dresses Ashsayane design studio has created Lolilla Chair in beautiful pink and white color mix. Lolilla Chair is made from 120 pink and white handmade fabric balls. The beautiful design and fabric texture and shape makes it look as if it was covered with pink and white roses.

Beautiful Lolilla Chair by Ashsayane

The romantic style of the chair makes it a perfect item for the shabby chic style decor or for creating a romantic atmosphere in the room. I can imagine this chair in a shabby chic style living room designed in floral patterns. It would also fit into the traditional as well as modern decor adding, texture and character to it. Lolilla Chair is simply beautiful and eye catching.

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