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Would You Like A Cup of Chair?

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Sunhan Kwon from He Was Born has designed this cute coffee chair the silhouette of which resembles a coffee cup on a saucer. The back of the chair also features a cup handle, very convenient to hang things. The chair can be used almost anywhere from coffee shops to design companies.

Would You Like A Cup of Chair?

Coffee Chair makes you think of a cup of fragrant coffee. This unique design evokes the imagination that you drink a cup of coffee in a nice cafe. It is a storytelling design chair. Broke out from general design of symmetrical side chair and attached just a handle on one side of the back of a chair.

The chair from European wood veneer come in black, white and natural wood colors. The legs are made in steel and make the design super sleek and modern-looking yet very welcoming and warm just like a cup of coffee or steaming tea. This chair will definitely will give a kick to kitchen. Brilliant!

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