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No Country For Old Men Furniture

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Being in venerable age is not easy, and few designers are in theme to change that, at least a bit. Lanzavecchia and Wai are one of them, producing a set of furniture “No country for old men”.

No Country for old men

Furniture Collection For Venerable Age

The cooperation of two artists, Francesca Lanzavecchia an Italian designer and Hunn Wai, a designer from Singapore, created “No country for old men” collection. This collection was shown at the Salone Satellite in Milan. The authors collection is based on the believe of the hidden meanings behind each piece of art, that is why her collection might become a very good source of support to the older men.

This collection is a set of stylish furniture, that fits into a contemporary interior design, but with a little, but important detail of it containing helping accessories for people in old age. This collection consists of: a “Monolight” table lamp that gives light and magnifies anything put under the lamp, which helps an old man to read. “Assunta ”, a chair with special arms, that help to rise from the sitting position, and “Together Canes”, which are walking sticks with some daily objects attached to it, like little tables or trays. All three pieces, will hopefully significantly improve the daily life of the elderly people.

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