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Ideal Dressing Table

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Dressing table is not just a piece of furniture, where you store your favorite perfume, cosmetics, and jewelry. Dressing table with all the pretty trinkets, necessary useful and beautiful little things is a special place for inspiration and beauty rituals.

How to Choose Ideal Dressing Table

Dressing table with an ottoman

Dressing table with an ottoman 

That is why you can’t neglect this area for preening, replacing it by henchmen thumbs or narrow shelf in the bathroom. Many women refuse to buy such furniture, referring to lack of space. In fact, you can buy dressing tables that will fit even the most minuscule bedrooms. They may have several variations in design.

The first and most familiar version looks like a table with drawers, a wall mirror, and a puff.

The second group is a dressing table with a three-leaved mirror. It is a table that has the tricuspid mirror with movable side flaps, making it easy to use.

A dressing table with a mirror, which is placed directly on the countertop, looks very nice. The mirror is often antique, and it leans against the wall. By the way, this option is ideal for small spaces, because it will replace the full-length mirror.

And if you are a supporter of functional solutions, and want to use a dressing table as a working station with a computer, you should pay attention to the options with folding mirrors, built into the countertop of the table.

If the size of the apartment allows it, you can choose a dressing table, integrated between two lockers. Then you get extra storage space.

Best place for a dressing table is in front of the window. So you can well see yourself in natural light. If this is not possible place it against the wall and look for a good artificial light: put sconces on either side of the mirror to achieve uniform light. Or at least set up two table lamps on both sides.

To avoid clutter and chaos on the table, take care of its organization. Buy tiered stands, small trays, organizers for cosmetics and jewelry. Combs and unattractive small things are best kept in drawers.  It is desirable to put the most beautiful things on the table, such as perfume, vase with a bouquet of flowers, candles and pictures.

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  1. Jacqueline Kattouf Says:

    who makes this dressing. how much is it?

  2. Mona Liz Says:

    Hey, Jacqueline,
    I think it’s from Simpsonsmirrors. But I’m not sure it’s available anymore, though you can find similar designs from them.

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