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Awesome Furniture: Doodle Couch

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This stunning piece of furniture is unique and amazing in its own way. Not only Doodle couch presents a comfortable and sleek design, it is also a work of art.

Doodle Couch

Leather comfort couch

Just look at this elegant and smooth design, that just makes you want to sit on this couch. This amazing leather coach was created by the Swedish design studio Front for an Italian furniture company Moroso. The coach features excellent thin quality black leather, curvilinear design and awesome peculiar little drawings.

How many times did you discover that while talking on a phone or doing some random activity, you might have been drawing something on a little piece of paper. On closer inspection, these are just doodles. But if you are artistic like employees of Front Design studio, your doodles might come out as tiny pieces of art.

Doodle Couch

As you have guessed by now, the little scribbles on the sofa are just exactly what it seems they are. These little drawings are the key to the whole concept of the sofa, they are doodles. Random doodles, that were done by Front Design studio team at the endless boring meeting. These doodles were collected and then carefully transferred onto the surface of this awesome leather couch.

This amazing couch is made exclusively for leisure activities, with a back thought in mind: creative mind can be manifesting in many activities, doodling in particular. So, take a close look at your doodles, perhaps they might end up as work of art sometime as well.

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