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Katie Thompson’s ‘Recreate’ recycled furniture collection

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Katie Thompson is a designer from South Africa whose passion for transformation of old into something new lead to the birth of ‘Recreate’ recycled furniture collection. Using old broken things that either lost their functionality or appeal Katie Thompson creates her recycled furniture giving the old things new life and even new function.

Katie Thompson's 'Recreate' recycled furniture collection

Katie Thompson’s ‘Recreate’ recycled furniture collection consists of the unique pieces that are made from old familiar stuff like umbrellas, suitcases and buckets. Using her imagination and innovative approach Katie Thompson transforms suitcases into cozy chairs and umbrellas into lamps.

Katie Thompson also makes the lighting and interior accessories such as Tea Cup Lams and Cookie Vases. Dozens of old useless things get a new life becoming teacup holders, vases, lamps and furniture.

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  1. Erin Bendall Says:

    This is a vital issue that far more folks should be mindful of. The more individuals applying this information the better. Thanks for blogging about this.. I’m a huge fan of your website!

  2. Jess Says:

    Hello Kate your designs are incredible I would to by the duck egg and white chair you made any chance you sell them if so how much for ?

    Many thank Jessica.alice

  3. Lisha Marrow Says:

    i need a price on this chair and the white chair. I am a travel agent

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