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Pros & Cons Of Platform Beds

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Platform beds are quite popular especially in Europe. They are modern, sleek and can also be storage-friendly. The platform bed is often made of wood and comes with built-in drawers or nightstands. The mattress is laid on top of the platform as there is usually no box spring.

Guide on Platform Beds

Platform Bed

Platform bed with built-in nightstands


The platform beds vary from twin to king size. They are wider and longer than the mattress unlike the traditional bed frames.


Some of the platform beds feature convenient storage units built into the base of the bed. These provide more room for storing such bulky things as spare blankets, duvets, bedding and seasonal clothes. Some of the beds also feature trundles that are disguised in the form of drawers in the base and can be pulled out any time a guest stays over for the night.


Thanks to their design platform beds usually look sleeker than box spring or metal frame beds. They also don’t require a secondary mattress for support and foundation while additional storage space is especially useful for small-spaced homes.


Since the platform beds don’t usually include slats or box spring the mattress can become too firm, which is especially bad for side-sleepers.


The platform beds are also significantly less costly than regular box spring beds as they don’t require additional mattress for support.


If you need a traditional bed to fit into your existing bedroom decor you can still opt for a platform bed stylized to look like one. These aren’t very different from classic beds visual-wise while modern platform beds are sleeker and are a bit lower.

Platform beds can also come in futuristic style featuring interesting curved lines and design that makes them appear as if they are floating above the floor.

Yet other styles might also feature steps that help access the platform making the bed an ultimate focal point.

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