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Video Games Inspired Furniture

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Igor Chak is an industrial designer who makes video games inspired furniture. Chak’s new stylish Retro Alien Couch has hit the stores. The Retro Alien Couch is the second creation by Igor Chak. The first one, Space Invader Couch has featured a more elaborate design and a mini-fridge at the armrest. These heroes from the 80’s 8-bit games look great and creative as couches.

Video Games Inspired Furniture

Despite their retro origin these 8-bit couches look modern and sleek as furniture featuring interesting forms that are made of blocks. Made of fine leather and memory foam cushions the Retro Alien Couch will be produced for a limited period of time however it can be customized at request. The handcrafted couches are made to order during 2-4 weeks.

Video Games Inspired Furniture

Both Space Invader Couch and Retro Alien Couch look creative and modern. The black and white color palette make them fit for modern minimalist interiors. Pixelated shapes add detail and structure to the minimalist interior designs.

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