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Levitating Bonsai Trees By Hoshinchu

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Levitating trees are mesmerizing to watch. These tiny bonsai trees seem like they’ve broken free from their pot prisons and now are floating above them as if waiting for the signal to up and fly away. The levitating technology used in these special pots allow operate with magnet systems that drive the trees away from the pots.

Air Bonsai

Air Bonsai

Hoshinchu are funding their cute little project through Kickstarter and seem to have had a lot of success already, largely exceeding their initial goal.

They call their little floating bonsai trees – little stars. Each one is unique and can be a pine or moss. The offered kit is easy to assemble. The base is called energy base and a little star, a floating plant hovers a few inches above the base, which propels it and rotates the plant.

The base is made of traditional Japanese porcelain ‘Imari’ with a mirrored surface covering top of the base. You can plant your favorite plant in a mossy ball or a lava stone, both of which give Air Bonsai an unforgettable look.

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