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Flip Series Furniture From Daisuke Motogi

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Flip Series” is a series of furniture designed by Daisuke Motogi for Sixinch Japan. The series consists of three different pieces. Each piece can be flipped to be used differently. The first chair can be used as a regular chair but if you flip it it can also be used as a low chair.

Flip Series Furniture From Daisuke Motogi

The specificity of design allows using the same chair differently. The second chair can be used as that or a stool. And the third chair from “Flip Series” can function as a rocking chair and a lounge chair. The collection comes in bright colors. Made of urethane chairs are lightweight, which makes them easy to flip.

Two chairs in one sounds like a good idea. “Flip Series” is to bring bright and colorful accent to the modern style home decor. Both practical and playful it can be

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