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Modern Bathroom Design Solution Is Concrete Bathtub

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Concrete bathtubs have become a staple of a modern bath. They are stylish and durable and can be made in any shape or size. There are close to none cons to a concrete tub so it all comes down to taste and preference and, of course, money.

Concrete bathtub

Some of the concrete bathtub pros is its durability. In an environment where there are no dramatic temperature changes, concrete can withstand lots of wear and abuse.

It is also better than a regular tub in terms of grip. You won’t slip in it and it’d be easier to grab onto. It is also a moldable material that can be shaped as necessary.

There are, of course, some style restrictions if you choose a concrete bathtub. But it can look quite stylish in more traditional style bathrooms.

Concrete Bathtub Designs

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