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Alfred Chair by Loris & Livia

Chairs aren't only seats. The backs of the chairs are often used for hanging clothes which can be handy. Alfred Chair has a long back that allows hanging various clothes items as well as using the seat as storage space. Alfred Chair was designed by Loris & Livia Alfred Chair.

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I don’t know what it is about chairs that makes them so attractive to use as hanger/wardrobe. Alfred Chair is even more clothes-friendly. Alfred Chair was designed by Loris & Livia studio and produced by COVO. Made of European beech Alfred comes in natural, black, white, magenta, and blue.

Alfred Chair by Loris & Livia

It begins with a line. Sleek, svelte, handsome. It becomes, over time, a presence, a name, a character you’d love to come home to – in your hallway, in your study, in your bedroom. Precise silhouette, versatile attitude and provocative confidence with the ability to adapt to the way you choose to use it.

Alfred Chair can be used to store various things such as clothes or magazines. The colorful chairs can also add a splash of color to the decor.

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