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Onoff Candle Holder by Elevenfeet

Onoff candle holder by Elevenfeet bears resemblance to the old style candle holders with a drip pan and a tray. The Onoff can be fixed on a ledge as well as the tables.

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Onoff candle holder designed by Elevenfeet is functional and convenient to use as it includes a drip pan and a ledge. The Onoff candle holder was designed for Oxygene with convenience in mind. The candle holder is equipped with a drip pan and a ledge that makes it easier to use as the wax doesn’t drip off of it and the ledge adds to the design.

Onoff Candle Holder by Elevenfeet

ONOFF, our first candle holder for Oxygene, is a wink to the past. The design is a contemporary variation of the candle drip pan out of a time without electricity.

The Onoff can be used with the wooden ledge that comes in three lengths or separately. The glass candle holder on an oak tray looks like a modernized version of those old candle lights.

Safety tips: Never place candle holders with lit candles on the soft furniture or the floor as well as at the vicinity of highly inflammable materials. Never leave lit candles unattended or at a children’s disposal to prevent fire and injury.

Modern Onoff Candle Holder:

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