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High Tech Sculpture: Architect’s Eye

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The Eye of the Architect is a three dimensional representation of a human eye made from stainless steel and high tech LED system. Follow the most up to date high tech designs and find out this new high tech sculpture.


High tech Eye ball Sculpture

This amazing sculpture features an absolutely round sphere made from reflective stainless steel and has a color changing iris. This Eye is imitating the glances by circling around and “gazing” at the surrounding environment: the sky, the grass, and people. The Architect’s eye is situated at the Cortile d’Onore of the Ca’ Granda’s courtyard, and is a final project of SPeeCH team from Moscow, Russia. The sculpture is adding modern lines to the XVIII century building that neighbors it.

architects eye5

An amazing 3D high tech sculpture was presented as a part of Interni Legacy event by a team of talented architects from Russia, Sergei Tchoban and Sergei Kuznetsov. This high tech installation was meant to be presented in April, so it can attract more viewers that come to Milan Designer week. The theme of the event is the preservation of art monuments. As a part of the installation, there was also a show of short videos, that displayed the decadence of Russian avant-garde art monuments. The Architect’s Eye can literally see through the past and future and stay on guard at preserving historical art monuments.

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