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Kniggerich Placemats Teach Table Etiquette

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Kniggerich placemats are a modern tool of teaching table etiquette. Designer llot llov has designed these placemats to show how to place dinnerware on the table properly. Thus in a fun easy manner one can learn the aspects and details of a dinner table etiquette.

Kniggerich Placemats Teach Table Etiquette

Kniggerich has it’s name of Mr. Knigge. He once wrote a book “On Human Relations”, a treatise on the fundamental principles of human relations that has the reputation of being the authoritative guide to behaviour, politeness, and etiquette. The German term “Knigge” has become to mean “good manners”.
The placemat is not only a educational device, it is also amusing how strict some rules are. Enjoy your meal.

Table etiquette consists of many different rules and each dinnerware items has a strict place on the table. Kniggerich placemats illustrate where each item goes as well as features comments on almost each item. Based on an etiquette treatise , the placemats not only provide the proper position of dinnerware on the table but also the rules of behavior and other such things.

This a great and illustrated way of learning the table etiquette. The visual learning experience can help memorize some rules quicker as well as allow to practice a dinner table behavior at home before the actual event.

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2 Responses to “Kniggerich Placemats Teach Table Etiquette”
  1. Sylvia Malone Says:

    Where can I get the Kniggerich placemats?

  2. Arty Says:

    I didn’t find it at the llot llov webshop but you could contact the designer for info.

    Here’s one shop that stocks them, but you can look into other shops as well if you want to compare prices.

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