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Unconventional: Nasty Set by Paulo Corceiro

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Designer Paulo Corceiro has designed this unconventional and funny tea set of porcelain and called it Nasty Set. “Nasty” is usually not a word we use to describe the porcelain tea set as it tends to be beautiful and elegant as well as often very traditional. Paulo Corceiro has approached it differently and the result is fresh and fun tea set.

Unconventional: Nasty Set by Paulo Corceiro

The sets of china do not have to be boring. This is an image that recalls the iconography of comics and animated films, making a pot of tea and two cups into disconcerting characters. The entertaining aspect of the objects wants to attract younger and older people, questioning them about their relationship with classic references as a set for tea. In Portugal there is a strong historical and industry of porcelain, which long ago opened its doors to new concepts in design.

The Nasty Set consists of a teapot and two tea cups of unconventional square shape. The teapot comes in gray while the cups with coasters in beautiful turquoise. The teaware also features fun displeased faces.

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