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Hug Stool by Emo Design

There is something warm about the natural wooden finish. The wood texture will add a special touch to almost any decor. Hug Stool by Emo Design is decorated with a bright handle that allows to take it with wherever you go.

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Hug stool designed by Emo Design is a playful portable seat made of a piece of wood. Thanks to the colorful handle detail the stool looks interesting and can be moved around the house more conveniently. Handcrafted stools will fit modern and country style decor.

Hug Stool by Emo Design

The Hug stool shows off the natural wood texture beautifully and yet it has a nice little detail that adds a playful touch to the naturalness of the wood. The handle that comes in various colors adds color to the natural wood finish as well as allows moving the seat more conveniently.

Hug Stool by Emo Design

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