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Bathroom Renovation On Budget

Bathroom renovation can be costly but it depends on what needs to be renovated vs. what you want to renovate. Set priorities, choose a renovation strategy and tackle problems gradually.

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Before going into any renovation process it is always a good idea to asses the situation with the room design. If things are old and worn it doesn’t automatically mean they need replacement. Of course, if there are plumbing problems and a bathtub really looks bad or something is broken then it’s time to think about changing it. First off, deal with basic and necessary things like plumbing problems, new bathtub, sink or toilet. Decor can wait. When you are ready think about what would you like to change in bathroom design and decor and head that direction.

New Wall Paint

New wall paint is a sure way of getting the fresh look. Tiling walls can be costly but quality ceramic tiles can serve well for a long period of time. Of course, wall paint is cheaper and can be used for a quick makeover any time unlike tiles that also require proper professional installation.


Refurbishing cabinets and vanity to match the new wall color can be a good idea. There’s no need to replace old furniture but give it a new fresh coat of paint. Repaint a mirror frame or make a new one to match your new bathroom decor.


Accessorize the new bathroom decor with small decorative objects and useful things. Change a soap dish or add a new bathroom set that fits within the new bathroom style. Choose shower and window curtains in unusual colors and patterns that suit your bathroom and it will be a whole new look.

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