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Home Gardening: Greenhouse Lamps

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Kristýna Pojerová is a Czech designer who has created the greenhouse pendant lamps that allow to grow herbs and plants inside their glass shade. The Glasshouse lamp series work like greenhouse for growing herbs inside the house. The glass shade has place for soil and growing as well as an opening providing access to the herbs and sprouts and ventilation. Some shades also come with holes to let the plants stem outside the shade. Glasshouse lamps are basically a home gardening tool.

Home Gardening: Greenhouse Lamps

It is another designer take on home gardening objects. The lack of space in the urban areas for trees, greenery and gardens prompts designers to create ways to let people enjoy homegrown herbs, plants and flowers.

The Glasshouse greenhouse lamps description:

Glasshouse is a designer lamp which aims to satisfy the desire for fresh herbs in a city kitchen.
Its shape was inspired by growth of plants. The herbs are planted inside the glass lamp along its wall in a kind of gutter around a central opening. This opening not only facilitates easy access to the herbs and the passage of light from an electric bulb hanging up in the lamp but it also ensures adequate ventilation enhancing natural microclimate.

All this is basically about making use of the otherwise useless waste heat of the bulb. You can easily regulate the bulb with a dimmer placed over the lamp.

Beside the practical use Glasshouse lamps look pretty aesthetic concentrating the greenery in a small special place like a green island in the urban sea.

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