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Metallic Tile Trend In Interior Design

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Metallic tile is all the rage in interior design. We see it more and more in kitchens, bathrooms, and even ceilings and walls. Metallic tile look amazing almost anywhere. They are also pretty easy when it comes to cleaning and care.

Metallic tile

While you can clean most metallic tiles with dish soap and water, stainless steel is more prone to scratching and requires special cleanser and additional care when it comes to using harsh cleaning chemicals or acidic foods like lemons and tomatoes. These can stain stainless steel so make sure to keep them away and rinse thoroughly after using harsh cleansers.

Copper is becoming a more prefered option for kitchen backsplashes so if you want to try this trend know that copper doesn’t like abrasive cleaners and pads as well as acidic substances. It can be cleaned with a soft soap or a special copper cleaner that will prevent it from aging, developing patina, and will keep it shiny. Copper tiles can turn green from patina (a substance that occurs during oxidation) so you have to be careful with acids and also if you want to keep it patina-free you can apply a few coats of lacquer over it.

It is not recommended to clean titanium tiles with soap. Equal parts of water and vinegar will do a nice job of safely cleaning your titanium tile.

If you’re not after an aged metal look and want to preserve shine consider special coating and protectants that will keep metal from oxidizing and staining.

Metallic Tile In Interior Design

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