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Update Bathroom With These Budget Ideas

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Updating a bathroom isn’t that difficult and it surely doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many different ideas to improve on your bath design and decor. Some of them simpler than others but these are mostly low-budget and minimum effort ones.

Bathroom Update Ideas

Bathroom ceiling

Painted  Ceiling

If you want your bathroom to retain the clean airy look but give it just a bit more character, maybe it’s better to paint the ceiling rather than touch the walls. A bright or even pastel ceiling can liven up the space and give it a much needed splash of color without making a radical change to the design. Be careful with dark colors if your bathroom ceiling is low though.

Bathroom rug

Proper Rug

Sometimes those bathroom mats simply aren’t good enough. A real rug may be expensive but it surely will make your bathroom look much more luxurious and also absorb much more water.

You look good rug

Feel Good Message

Speaking of rugs, you can buy one of those You Look Good ones to make yourself smile every morning.

Bathroom curtains


Bathroom may have not only shower curtains. You can use decorative drapes instead of blindfolds for your bathroom windows and enjoy a more luxurious look. Also a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers on a vanity can make a world of difference.

Finally, if you’re tired of the tiles in your bathroom you can simply paint them. You’ll need a special tile paint though as it’s much less work and it is made specifically to stick to ceramic.

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