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A2 & A2 Design Street/Multi Unit

Storage solutions take many shapes and forms. A2 & A2 Design has designed a Street/Multi Unit - a series of stackable storage units that can be used to store books and magazines as well as display plants.

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A2 & A2 Design has designed a Street/Multi Unit that consists of stackable storage boxes. The boxes can be used for storing books or growing plants. The designers also offer to use the Street/Multi Unit as a space divider.

A2 & A2 Design Street/Multi Unit

Street is a collection of stackable units for storage and display of magazines, books and plants in public and private spaces. The system consists of four parts, a frame and a house, high and low unit. The units can be combined in different ways, for example as a shelf or a room divider. Only the imagination sets the limits.

The multiple storage units allow storing various items in them as well as display the plant collection. Besides they can be used separately from each other if needed. This makes Street/Multi Unit quite versatile. The units are made of painted steel.

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