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Amalia Chair by Eggpicnic

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Amalia chair designed by Eggpicnic is made out of mimbre, Chilean material and created using traditional techniques. Made with a carcass Amallia chair shape looks ergonomic, with a slightly leaned back backrest. The space under the seat is open and can be accessed from both side of the chair.

Amalia Chair by Eggpicnic

Amalia chair has a look of an outdoor chair due to wicker texture but it doesn’t look like a conventional wicker chair. Curved monolithic shape creates a beautiful silhouette while the space under the seat can be used to store books and magazines, which makes it a great furniture item for a reading nook.

Wicker outdoor furniture is a popular choice for people who want stylish furniture that is easy in maintenance. Amalia is not simply a wicker chair, it is both stylish and storage-friendly which makes it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Chic Amalia Chair:

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  1. Jame Says:

    This chair seems to not only be used as an outdoor chair, but chairs can also be used as an indoor chair

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