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Vessel-Shaped Lights Calabash by Komplot

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Calabash are the beautiful vessel-shaped lights designed by Komplot. The Danish design studio Komplot creates interesting designs that are both interesting and recognizable. The Calabash vessel-shaped lights feature soft elegant figured design coated in a modern metallic finish that comes in various colors.

Vessel-Shaped Lights Calabash by Komplot

Description from designers:

The wonderful bottle gourd – calabash – is from very old days used as a vessel for keeping the most important: water, drinks, medicine and even light – used as a lampshade. Calabash was even considered to have healing and magic abilities – probably due to its characteristic feminine and sensual shape.

The Calabash lights functions as lampshades but they are also decorative and add to the room decor. The sculptured shape of the Calabash lights is very attractive while the metallic gloss ads a modern touch to them.The lamps come in a variety of colors from silver to cherry red and gold.

The mirror polished surface makes the lamps all the more prominent and noticeable. The reflective surfaces are a nice contrast to the mat and textured ones as they add gloss to the space making the design look more elaborate and varied.

The Calabash lights are made from spun aluminum in an organic shape. The series were designed for the Lightyears and are available in various sizes and colors – black, silver, red, and gold.

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