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Amazing Bright House of Brazilian Artist

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Talented Brazilian artist Isabelle Tuchband can boast with a truly impressive space for creativity. The secret is that her creative impulses are not waiting for the right time and place. She works everywhere, both at home and in the studio. Her house is an original mix of bohemian and Hispanic styles, “spiced” with her bright personality.

Amazing Bright House of Brazilian Artist Isabelle Tuchband

Isabelle Tuchband in her house

Isabelle Tuchband in her house

She devoted herself to art. Isabel likes it in many different forms – from painting and painting on ceramics to manufacturing of fashionable clothes with elements of folk costumes and dance classes.

Take a look at this amazing house of the creative personality.


Isabel equipped a special house in the garden as a workshop. Half of it is glassed to let in natural light. One of the internal partitions is also transparent.

The workshop is divided into several zones. She puts her finished works in the one that is closer to home. Of course, there should be enough light. The other half of the glazed space is a workplace with an easel and a place to stay.

Then there is a “technical” area (in other words, warehouse). She stores there materials, paints and other things. This small, but bright spot is equipped with a sink for washing hands and brushes.

Living room

It seems that the living room became home for the tropics with their bright colors and whimsical color combinations. The walls here are bright blue. And furniture is in all colors of the rainbow. And of course, there is an unusual decor: unique lamps and vases, painted by the artist herself; chandeliers entwined by flowers and variegated leaves; and shelves with souvenir exotic dishes. And of course, Isabel’s paintings are everywhere: on the walls, under the ceiling, on the floor and on the dresser.

Bedroom and Closet

As a truly creative person, the hostess has the right to whims. So, she decided that she should have two personal bedrooms. One of them is in the studio, the other is in the main house. The main bedroom has a closet, where there are many amazing clothes created by the hands of the artist based on national costumes, which she loves since her youth.

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