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Home Office Storage Ideas

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Any work is much more successful if everything you need is at your fingertips. But if you have too much “necessary” stuff, the mess on your desk becomes inevitable. If such situation annoys you, then it’s time to think about wise storage system and organization of your desktop.

Home Office Storage & Organization Ideas

In this article we will share ideas of storage and organization on the desktop, including rational use of drawers and side surfaces.

Check rationality of your storage boxes

Desktop box

Desktop drawer

If your desktop contains a capacious drawer most likely it is already being used. But are you sure that you can easily find anything in the drawer? No? Then you will certainly need to make internal compartments. Transparent containers and dividers, boxes with low sides, small trays and even a kitchen plastic tray for cutlery, any of these will perfectly sort the stuff in your desktop drawers.

Installing additional add-ins

Additional shelves and drawers on the desktop

Additional shelves and drawers on the desktop

If your desktop is broad enough, then consider adding shelves and drawers on top of your desktop.

Use the side surfaces

Using side surfaces for storage

Using side surfaces for storage

If after the previous two steps, you realized that there is still too little storage space, you can use another original solution: move some trifles or even papers on side surfaces of the desktop. The following solutions will probably be very useful:

– Kitchen rails, curtain rings, folders with pockets;

– Magnetic knife strips;

– Hooks, containers for hanging on rails or wall cups for the bathroom.

Storage for pens, pencils, and other stationery

Storage for stationery

Storage for stationery

If you need to have these little things always at hand, use cute glasses, trays, boxes, fabric pockets, wooden coasters, low vases of thick glass.

Storage for small papers and letters

Storage for letters

Storage for letters

To get rid of irritating but necessary small pieces of paper look for cute mini-stands or rack for convenient storage of correspondence or notes.

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