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How To Organize Kitchen

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Kitchen can become cluttered and look messy very fast. It’s a high traffic space that requires solid organization in order to stay clean. In order to organize your kitchen first get rid of unnecessary, this includes appliances and dishes. Sort out the things that will go to yard sale or basement storage and the things that will be used every day. Free up some space and if needed add some drawers and cabinets.

How To Organize Kitchen

Divide Into Zones

If possible, divide kitchen into zones. One for cooking, the other for washing, third for storing. These zones can be intertwined but these zones will help keep certain things from spreading across the kitchen like spices or dishes. Divide cabinets by category – one for dishes, the rest for spices, utensils, and other things.

Choose Drawers & Cabinets

Choose drawers and cabinets according to your needs. Organize carefully the things in the existing drawers after sorting them out and ridding of the unnecessary and see if you need more storage units. Choose cabinets that will suit your kitchen style but will also suit your needs.

How To Organize Kitchen

Organize by Use

Organize things by frequency of use. The most used utensils, appliances and dishes should always be at easy access and at hand’s reach. If the appliances or dishes are used rarely they may take up precious space in the kitchen and clutter it. Store them in the basement, closet or get rid of them if you do not use them at all. You can sell, donate or give them.

Organize Pantry

Clear the pantry from all the contents. This will help you see which products you use more often and which only eat up the space. Organize products by category – spices, grains, and so on. Use jars and containers to keep things like grains from spilling. Keep pantry in order by doing a once-a-week check up.

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