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Small Apartment Design: Green On White Studio

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Tomasz Jasinski designed an 80 square-meter apartment in white and green hues cramming in the eat-in kitchen, the office and a dining room. This cozy small apartment is just too cute. The lower level is filled with public spaces like a living area, dining room, and kitchen – all harmoniously co-existing. The kitchen is designed to use all the available space including that under the stairs that lead to a second level.

Creative Green On White Studio Apartment Design

Small Apartment Design: Green On White Studio

Green On White Studio bedroom

Sleep Or Seat

The bedroom area has a cool built-in seating that doubles as a sofa and merges with the bed. It’s enhanced with a small round eating table and is tucked under a vaulting ceiling like the ones that can be seen in attics.

Water Greenery

The apartment houses two water tanks with greenery that are equipped with special lighting and other features to keep the plants alive. These definitely act as small home gardens and are echoed by pictures of greenery in the kitchen.

Splash of Color – Green

A splash of green color can also be sen in the bathroom where the shower is entirely covered with green square tile. The toilet wall is also partially tiled. This gives the white bathroom a strong accent that matches the green theme of this practical but creative dwelling.

White isn’t the only color in the scheme though. There are quite a few neutrals that balance out the pristine white. There are light wooden finishes and smooth gray floors. Gray is also featured in furniture and a staircase.

Tomasz Jasinski made the most of the space providing the residents with all the necessary areas and creating a functioning and effective living space.

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