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How To Organize Small Bedroom

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Organization is the key not only to perfect order and mess-free apartments and houses but it also saves up precious space in small abodes. As always organization of a small bedroom should start with solid check up. Sort out the things and get rid of those that are completely unnecessary. This will make it easier to find space for the stuff you need.

How To Organize Small Bedroom


Bed has an obvious function but if it also serves as a wardrobe or vanity then it’s time to organize wardrobe and get a vanity or side table. Some beds feature storage space under the mattress which becomes handy for storing spare bed linens, bedspreads and pillows.

Storage Units

A side table can be useful for storing small things like favorite books, glasses, combs and such. Use mirror vanity for storing cosmetics, accessories and other such things. You can also  use storage boxes or baskets to store books, clothes or footwear under the bed.

How To Organize Small Bedroom

Use shelving for books, CDs, and other personal things but keep it simple and don’t clutter it with small things. Boxes are great for storing small stuff. You can use decorative storage boxes under the tables, bed, wardrobe and shelving thus maximizing storage space and yet keeping things organized.

Other Tips

Curtains, dividers and screens can help to create a working space inside the small bedroom. Furniture with hidden storage space will provide more storage space and remove clutter from the room.

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