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Stylish Industrial Chic Bedroom Designs

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Industrial chic bedroom can be stylish and comfortable. To create such a design though one has to find ways to balance the industrial feel with the warmth and coziness of wood and other materials. To create stylish industrial but cozy bedroom think about the things that make you feel cozy and comfy.

Stylish Industrial Chic Bedroom Designs

Fuzzy Bedthrows

What can be more comfy than a fuzzy bedthrow or a coverlet? Visually it adds texture and detail to the look while the fuzzy feel of fabric creates the cozy tactile sense. The same goes for throw pillows and rugs that will not only make the industrial bedroom look, but also feel warm and cozy. Think wool and other fluffy materials.

Wood Finishes

Wood is a great way of adding some warmth to the room. Hardwood floors or wooden bed frame will balance out the stone and metal textures and surfaces of the industrial bedroom. Not to lose the industrial feel of the room keep metal and exposed brick intact.


Fire is a great way to make the room more homey and cozy. If the traditional fireplace is not an option try to look into alternative products. Those can also fit the aesthetic of the room and fit the industrial chic bedroom just right adding to the decor as well as making the room look and feel warm.

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  1. Kevin Vogel Says:

    Hi there,

    where can I buy the stylish industrial metal bed (with the cat on it).
    I want that!!! 😀

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