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Small Home – Villa Piedad

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Villa Piedad is a small home studio of a Spanish designer in San Sebastián, Spain. The designer Marta Badiola bought a 52-square-meter space under the roof in a two-family house built in 1950 and divided into 8 tiny apartments. To create living and working space the part of the house was remodeled and arranged according to the owner’s needs.

Small Villa Piedad – Home Studio

Small Home - Villa Piedad

Villa Piedad Exterior View. Photography by Francisco Berreteaga.


The space was divided into 5 areas before remodeling. Now the house is arranged “around a central partition” and features a loft library and working space in the living room. The latter can be converted into a guest bedroom. The kitchen is open to the east and the bedroom is located in a quitest area of the house away from the railway.

Interior Design

The interior design is painted in white and finished with wooden accents. There are wooden ceilings and beams that contrast with glossy white furnishings. The living area, bedroom, bathroom, and home office all enjoy plenty of natural light thanks to the big skylights.

Work Space

Work space located over the loft library overlooks the living room and features a desk and a covertible sofa that can accomodate guests for the night. The skylight provides the small space under the roof with plenty of light essential for effective work.

The introduction of multiple skylights and white color scheme helped visually enhance the small house and fill all the tiny spaces with natural light, sometimes replacing the windows.

The house description also says that all the spare space is used for storage. Storage walls hide all the clutter that could otherwise overload this tiny home.

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