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1860’s Methodist Church In West Village Makes A Luxury Home

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This historic building used to be a church but now boasts luxurious design and furnishings along with three bedrooms, 500-square-foot (46 sq m) private terrace with an outdoor kitchen and privacy bushes. The apartment is currently on the market, priced at whopping $12.495 million for 3,500 sq ft (323 sq m) of living space that also houses a media room and two and a half baths.

1860’s Methodist Church Turned Into Luxury Apartment

Living room

The building’s original ceiling beams and stained windows were preserved during conversion. The beautiful kaleidoscope glass adds pops of color here and there to an otherwise clean white color scheme. The bright colors are echoing though via accents like rugs and throw pillows.

The penthouse has an open layout as it often happens in converted buildings. It marries a kitchen and a dining area together but thanks to plentiful space the two look like completely separate zones and they in fact are.

Dining and kitchen

The indoor/outdoor approach achieved through a glazed wall that separates the kitchen/dining from the terrace allows the space be even more light and airy without the need for too much artificial lighting.

But perhaps the steep price is not only due to Venetian plaster, Brazilian walnut, and a floating staircase but the fact that actor Jude Law was a tenant back in 2009.

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