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Century-Old Parisian Farmhouse Turned Into Modern Getaway

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This century-old farmhouse is located in France’s Chinon region and bears all the markings of the old days except a glaxed square extension with rounded angles and a swimming pool that betray its modern purpose. Designed by Matali Crasset the modern getaway home is full of natural light thanks to numerous windows and doors.

Fsrmhouse exterior

If the exterior has been kept in its original state the interior was designed in a modern manner with lots of untreated concrete and plastered brightly-painted walls.

The wooden beams were preserved and new wooden elements introduced to the interior. For instance, the new balcony was done completely in oak including shelving and a reading sofa.

Stone also used but to a lesser extent. Although it looks impressive everywhere it turns up, predominantly in fireplaces. The decor is fairly minimal but striking due to spaciousness of the farmouse.

Farmhouse Convertes Into House

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