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Loïc Picquet Architecte: Extension C

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An old small house in the town of St. Louise, Alsace, Eastern France has been given new life by architects from Loïc Picquet Architecte. As usual, their creativity together with professionalism lead to amazing solutions for quite common problem – lack of space.

Country House Extension by Loïc Picquet Architecte

At the back of a small country house architects created an additional room with a transparent wall opening to the garden. This kind of outbuilding is called Extension C. Extending the kitchen further, this structure now houses a dining room. This distinctive part of the house became the so-called “business card” of the residence.


But creators didn’t stop just at a wall. Any wall has got a window. And this wall is not an exception. An absolutely new “window-in-window” technique though makes it look very cute and modern. It is the only one operable part of the wall. Now the whole construction looks even more original. Ventilation located at the bottom of the wall will prevent glass surface from misting during the cold season.

The second amazing solution is another outbuilding for stairs leading to bedrooms and living room. It saves space for kitchen and dining room, and becomes another designer element of this house.

Extension C Method

Extension C method takes its name from computer programming. It’s a way of reusing and attaching new features to an already existing background. And, to my opinion, – this method has been successfully used in architecture. It can also be successfully applied in any small building that lacks space for entrance, living room, office or dining room. This solution is affordable and serves as a great example of a simple but genius design solution.

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