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Retro-Inspired Interior Design by Geometrix

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This monochrome chic retro-inspired interior design was created by a designer duo from Geometrix studio. A Moscow-based design studio Geometrix has designed an apartment in black and white color scheme creating a retro-inspired interior design with Marilyn Monroe likenesses decorating the feature walls.

Retro-Inspired Interior Design by Geometrix

Beautiful ornaments are decorating the walls and ceilings in the living and dining rooms while beautiful 3D wall coverings enhance the bedroom and home office. Textured walls give the room an interesting look though should be used in spacious rooms rather than small places.

The Geometrix interior design includes some elements of Art Deco. Beautiful black leather chairs, luxurious materials and ornate furniture and accessories make it a great retro style abode. In some rooms the black and white color scheme balanced out with dark brown and cream. One of the bedrooms in the apartment features a column mosaic feature walls that reflects in the opposite mirrored wall.

The perfect way to jazz up the black and white interior design is to add neutrals like cream and brown. A variety of textures will also enhance a black and white decor. Also the pops of bright colors can be added with a vase of flowers or fruit as seen in Geometrix interior. The ornaments keep the interior design in one retro-inspired theme while glossy textures add a touch of polish and chic to the decor.

Geometrix retro-inspired interior design is sleek and modernized yet it has this vintage touch to it. It’s a great combination if you like both aesthetics and don’t like the opulence of Art Deco.

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