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Transparent Abode: Barcode House by David Jameson Architect

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Barcode House is a transparent abode by David Jameson Architect that features glazed walls and black steel rods that make the name. The architecture of the house is pretty interesting the base and back are made in concrete while the rest of the architecture is black steel and glass. It’s quite amazing how someone in our modern privacy-driven society would want to live in a transparent abode even though as stylish as this one.

Transparent Abode: Barcode House by David Jameson Architect

The house has three stories as well as an access to the roof. All the living area and kitchen are featured in the glazed part of the house exposing its residents to the curious eyes of pedestrians. The sleeping area is apparently hidden from the sight in the concrete molded back of the house that is higher than the rest of the building.

Barcode different size steel rods add style to this abode bringing modern decorative twist to it. Without them the house would miss its subtle charm. The house also features a little low balcony at the side featuring the same rods that looks quite interesting.

The interior of Barcode House is modern featuring lines that amplify the theme of barcode lines. The ceiling features black lines and a side opening held with different size rods. The monochrome furniture is completed with the wooden colors. The kitchen is made in gray tones with a steel refrigerator, table with a built-in stove and light backless bar stools.

The house adjoins another more traditional home and it seems like these two are connected. If you look at the pictures you will see the entry from the kitchen. Anyways the Barcode house is a unique piece of architecture especially since it’s residential. David Jameson Architect has done a great job at subtly incorporating the barcode theme into this creation.

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  1. James Says:

    I could never live in a transparent house like that! It’s beautiful, but I’d feel like I had eyes on me all the time. Do the windows go opaque or are their curtains for when you need privacy? Also, it’s hard to tell from this angle, but is there much foot or vehicular traffic outside the apartment? or just where the car is in the background?

    I’d imagine it might be a little off putting for the neighbours too. Still a gorgeous place.

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