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Four Secrets of Studio Planning

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This apartment is the perfect embodiment of the modern dream of a beautiful, comfortable and original studio apartment. Let us see together, how to make your apartment look like such studio, using the four secrets outlined in this article.

Four Secrets of Studio Apartment Layout Planning

Studio apartment design

Studio apartment design

Individual approach

The first secret is an individual approach. No matter how difficult is to buy custom-made furniture, to measure every inch and constantly check the drawings, this is the output, which will allow you to use every inch of your space.

Custom layout

The second secret is a non-standard layout. It can be an inconvenient studio apartment, which will cost a little cheaper just because of the location of rooms. But under your strict guidance it can be turned into a creative studio, as on the photos.

Uniform colors

The third secret could be uniform colors for all rooms. Designers often separate kitchen, dining and living areas in a studio using colors. If you choose too bright or too different colors, you will probably get a carnival instead of a place to live.

You need to identify unifying elements: color of the walls, floor, ceiling, basic furniture fronts. Then you can zone the living room using basic decor. Pastel colors are also perfect: pale pink, light blue, mint, peach and lilac.

Organization of a separate space

The fourth secret is to organize a separate place. Someone combines a sofa in the living room and his bedroom, but we encourage you to make more comfortable two separate areas.

In this apartment the problem is solved by a wooden partition, which is both a psychological and physical barrier. Location of the bed on the podium allows for storage things in underneath drawers (as in this studio), or even behind swing or slider doors. And you probably will like the feeling of elevation over the space.

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