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Interiors from Great Gatsby Movie

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The 1920’s of the last century were the years of glitz, glam and luxury. The time when style became more brave, and parties were celebrated like a carnival of wealth, which have been shown in Great Gatsby. Time of Art Deco, the style of two centuries.

Old & New Come Together on Great Gatsby Movie Set

In the house the old and new styles meet together forming an amazing combination of heavy, richly decorated tables and chairs with golden ornaments. There is glittering exotic furniture covered in Chinese ornament – shinuazri – in warm colors together with modern elements of progress like ventilators set on an old column.

Completely old-fashioned legendary “Plaza Hotel” for meetings of the main characters features striped big armchairs and ornamented carpets. A huge room full of heavy furniture with little free space gives a feeling of comfort and luxury. Only a floor-lamp marks the influence of innovation.

Living Room in The Movie

Living Room in The Movie

The new fashion for light, frivolous interior is expressed in white, beige and soft pink; in furniture with modern ornaments like a commode with chess board ornament and cut-glass chandelier without hangings that fits to general airy atmosphere of a room contrary to huge heavy chandeliers of 19th century.

Richly decorated Gatsby’s palace in neogothic style – child of the new century – features high arch ceilings, artistic floors made of precious sorts of wood, and ornamented vases on massive stands. Gold, elegance and rich decoration make it look like Versailles palace.

Gatsby's House

Gatsby’s House

Having recently appeared on the screens, “Great Gatsby” has stirred numerous discussions on accordance of the interiors to that epoch. But the last were much admired by the audiences for truly classic fashion, style and luxury. All interiors created in designer studios played their own significant role together with the actors. Now these wonderful creations are taken into collections of Art Deco admirers.

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