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Palace for Saudi Prince

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Christopher Hall is a well-known interior designer in the East. His portfolio includes the most luxurious, beautiful, expensive, and large-scale projects in the world. For example, he made interior design for the grandson of the King of Saudi Arabia – Prince Faisal bin Sattama.

Oriental Interior Design for Saudi Prince’s Palace

Interior design for Saudi Prince's Palace

Portrait of Prince Faisal bin Sattama

Hall had already decorated for Prince the palace in Riyadh. At this time the royal family appealed to him to design the interior for the place of their temporary housing until the couple find a permanent one. However, in the process of his work Faisal and his wife Princess Zhavaher realized that the designer brings to life their dream: modern, comfortable interior with local flavor. Therefore, leaving the thought about a second home, they decided to convert an existing villa into a luxury family palace.

Oriental style in interior design for Saudi Prince

Oriental style in interior design for Saudi Prince

“Faisal often fondly recalled childhood spent with his grandmother,” says the designer.

“He excitedly talked about the beauty that surrounded him there: the rich decorative details, bright colors, variety of patterns.”

So, the plans changed and Hall had to highlight personal zone in the palace and decorate it so that it would produce the same warm and pleasant emotions like in Faisal’s childhood. And at the same time he had to find a place for public spaces, where they could receive and entertain many guests. They decided to build an additional wing for guests.

Modern interior design with elements of Saudi cultural heritage

Modern interior design with elements of Saudi cultural heritage

In Arabic the wing is called “majlis”, which means “a place to sit.” In fact, it is an independent enlargement, in which there are only guest rooms: bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and also office of the Prince and two hundred meter large lounge.

Oriental people are hospitable, so Hall had a difficult task: the room had to freely hold one hundred fifty people, and at the same time, a small group of people should not get lost in the vast space. In addition, the designer tried to make the men’s room also comfortable for women.

Most of the furniture in the palace is made in his designs. Vintage furniture was brought from Paris, Istanbul, Rome, and Beirut. And works of art were borrowed from the family collection.

Vintage furniture in Saudi Prince's Palace

Vintage furniture in Saudi Prince’s Palace

Hall admits that he likes to work with customers who appreciate fine and versed in the art: “I know the Prince and the Princess for a long time. They enthusiastically delved into all the details, choosing materials and fabrics that fit their style, taste, and national traditions.”

It can be said for sure that the interior reflects their character: modern, but with elements of cultural heritage.

Bedroom design

Bedroom design


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