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Stained Glass In Modern Homes

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We’ve written about stained glass in modern exteriors and hallways but it can be used anywhere in the house. From bay windows to kitchen island to headboard stained glass can become the ultimate decoration.

Stained glass

As mentioned in the earlier posts it doesn’t have to be too ornate or intricate as stained glass in older buildings especially those of worship. But you can choose any design or depiction that will suit your interior design and decor.

It looks amazing in windows of any size and shape. As for the colors, stained glass looks especially great in contrast with all white walls.


Old stained glass windows can also be used as headboards

Stained glass can also be found in furniture design like kitchen cabinets or islands as well as lighting, which makes for unusual kitchen look. What do you think about stained glass in modern homes?

Stained Glass Ideas

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